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ACB LG | Air Circuit Breaker LG

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ACB LG | Air Circuit Breaker LG Deskripsi;   Compact & Modular design - More compact overall dimensions and light weights. - LS Ace-MEC ACB have been made three types of modular design criteria to facilitate their installation and integration in low voltage switch boards.   High breaking capacity - LS Ace-MEC ACE provides high breaking capacity up to 100kA   Various certification and approval - LS Ace-MEC ACB is type-tested by IEC 60947 and GB 14048-2-94 standard - KEMA ( Netherlands) , ESI ( Italy) , CCC ( China) , KERI ( Korea) , ISO 9001, ISO 14001   Safety and Convenience - OCR terminals are located in front - Modulated mechanical part and accessories - Easy maintenance and inspection - Improved draw-out rail for easy draw-out - Minimized arc space - Molded frame   Variety of accessories   Optional accessories - Interlock device - MI ( Mechanical Interlock) - ATSC ( ATS Controller) - Key interlock( K2, ON-Lock) - Key lock( K1) - ON/ OFF button lock( B, ON/ OFF button lock) - Door Frame( DF) - Door Interlock( DI) - UVT, UVT controller: Standard( 1NO 1NC) Spesifikasi; Type Current ( A) I.C at 500 V ( Ka) LBA08S-PC 800 65 LBA10S-PC 1000 65 LBA13S-PC 1250 65 LBA16S-PC 1600 65 LBA20S-PC 2000 85 LBA25S-PC 2500 85 LBA32S-PC 3200 85 LBA40S-PC 4000 100 LBA50S-PC 5000 100 1. Fixed Type, Manual 3 Pole Type: AN08D3-08H AN10D3-10H AN13D3-13H AN16D3-16H AS20E3-20H AS25E3-25H AS32 E3-32H AS40F3-40H AS50F3-50H AS63G3-63H 4 Pole Type: AN08D4-08H AN10D4-10H AN13D4-13H AN16D4-16H AS20E4-20H AS25E4-25H AS32 E4-32H AS40F4-40H AS50F4-50H AS63G4-63H 2. Fixed Type, Motorized LG 3 Pole Type: AN08D3-08H-M2 AN10D3-10H-M2 AN13D3-13H-M2 AN16D3-16H-M2 AS20E3-20H-M2 AS25E3-25H-M2 AS32E3-32H-M2 AS40F3-40H-M2 AS50F3-50H-M2 AS63G3-63H-M2 4 Pole type: AN08D4-08H-M2 AN10D4-10H-M2 AN13D4-13H-M2 AN16D4-16H-M2 AS20E4-20H-M2 AS25E4-25H-M2 AS32E4-32H-M2 AS40F4-40H-M2 AS50F4-50H-M2 AS63G4-63H-M2 3. Draw Out Circuit Type, Manual 3 Pole type AN08D3-08A AN10D3-10A AN13D3-13A AN16D3-16A AS20E3-20A AS25E3-25A AS32 E3-32A AS40F3-40A AS50F3-50A AS63G3-63A 4 Pole Type: AN08D4-08A AN10D4-10A AN13D4-13A AN16D4-16A AS20E4-20A AS25E4-25A AS32 E4-32A AS40F4-40A AS50F4-50A AS63G4-63A 4. Draw Out Type Motorized AN08D3-08A-M2 AN10D3-10A-M2 AN13D3-13A-M2 AN16D3-16A-M2 AS20E3-20A -M2 AS25E3-25A-M2 AS32E3-32A-M2 AS40F3-40A-M2 AS50F3-50A-M2 AS63G3-63A-M2 4 Pole Type: AN08D4-08A-M2 AN10D4-10A-M2 AN13D4-13A-M2 AN16D4-16A-M2 AS20E4-20A-M2 AS25E4-25A-M2 AS32E4-32A-M2 AS40F4-40A-M2 AS50F4-50A-M2 AS63G4-63A-M2 Ket: - Seluruh Tipe ACB sudah termasuk shunt trip coil - Seluruh tipe ACB sudah termasuk OCR, Standard OCR ACB series Metasol+ AC6